If you are thinking of getting into the art of creating and making ceramic mugs, then read this article here about how you can get started: https://craftychica.com/2019/06/hand-built-pottery-mugs-101/

It will help you get the basics down for what materials you need, but I want to share my special secret for creating the most unique designs for not only ceramic mugs, but also jugs, plates, and so much more.

Before I started my own ceramic studio and started selling ceramic and porcelain products, I always dreamed of it and visualized my desire. In a weird way, I knew that I will have a successful shop and own my studio / brand for ceramics.

I had always been a believer in the law of attraction and using our minds to create our dreams into reality. One day I stumbled upon Neville Goddard’s teachings and everything just clicked. While listening to his lectures, I realized I had unknowingly been using so many of the techniques and methods for manifesting my dream life.

For more details as to what I am talking about, read here: https://imagineneville.com/

Visualizing My Designs in My Head

Our minds are powerful and if we learn how to tap into our subconscious, we can come up with designs that might have seemed unthinkable.

Before I work on a mug, a jar, plate, etc, I always imagine what it would be like in my mind. I imagine the shape, the colors, the weight, and the feeling of my creation in my mind before I actually start making it.

It’s similar to Nikola Tesla’s technique for creating his investions.

Nikola Tesla used to imagine his inventions in his head. How it would work, the parts and pieces of the puzzle, all in his head as vividly and as real as possible. When Nikola created his inventions, most often than not, work exactly as he expected them to work.

So that’s exactly what I do, I imagine my creation being complete and done before I actually pick up the clay and other ingredients.

Why Visualization Works For Ceramic Art

Pottery and ceramics can get expensive, and could be an expensive hobby if you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t have room for errors as much and a small mistake could ruin your mug and your creation.

With a visualization method, you don’t have to worry about messing it up. If you mess up in your imagination, you can always revise it and fix it in your mind to how you want it to be.

There were studies that showed practicing in one’s imagination yielded almost the same level of result as actually training physically. The mind did not know the difference between the physical act of performing something vs imagining something.

Asking For Guidance Before Sleep

Another secret technique I use for ceramic art and design is asking for God or my unlimited subconscious to give me visions or dreams of designs that are out of this world.

Right before I fall asleep, I simply imagine myself showing off a great piece to my husband and him congratulating me on my art and creation. I don’t necessarily try to force myself to know the details as to how it would look, but I capture the feeling of having created something amazing.

Whether it is in my dreams or a sudden burst of creativity during the day, somehow what I imagined before falling asleep ends up happening, it’s quite freaky even.