For the past few months we’ve been working from home due to COVID, so one of the things we looked into was home office chairs. Compared with traditional chairs, standing desk chairs seemed to be a perfect fit for the menial office work we’ve been doing.

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People have said there are plenty of benefits to the standing desk chair and as someone who has been using it for the past few months, there is definitely improvement in my health and overall well being.

When I am working I am more focused and productive. There is something about standing that allows you to get into the zone more easily and the task at hand is more important.

My posture has definitely improved and I seem to be walking a little taller and more confidently.

I think standing desk chairs are great for people who have arthritis or getting close to developing one. The more bloodflow you get to your legs and the more active you are, the less likely you will develop certain ailments, so I’ve been keeping up for the health reasons.

It is difficult to get started at first, because we’ve gotten so used to sitting down and doing our work with almost half of our body without any function, I was only about to stand up and do work for around 20 minutes, but day by day I Increased the time and now I am able to focus on my work for 2 hours before needing a break.

The one I have actually changes into a traditional stool when I need to take short breaks here and there.

Home Decoration

Another aspect of the chair is how it’s very easy to stow away or even decorate your home with it. It looks so modern and futuristic that whenever I walk into my office room and fold out my chair, it feels like I am in a special work environment that is from the future.

Besides just the office, standing desk chairs also go well with the kitchen counter top and can act like a bar stool. It’s also adjustable so you can adjust it according to your height and use it for other seating puposes.

Overall, I am quite delighted with it and it has helped me immensely with my ceramic work and crafting. So it’s something I would definitely recommend to my customers and fans who’ve been with us since our studio’s founding.