Many people often ask, why someone should take a pottery or ceramics course. There are many benefits such as being able to make your custom hand made pots and give them as gifts, etc, but there are other reasons for why you should also consider learning how to work with clay.

Better Home Improvement & Decoration

Once you learn the basics of color theory and art, your ability to decorate your home will drastically improve. Not only will you be able to tell what color goes with what other colors, but you will have the ability to distinguish what shape size and placement you should have. It all goes hand in hand and affects your overall skill.

While art is something a lot of people are born with the innate sense of ability, it does not hurt to learn the basics and the fundamentals. You will have the ability to at least become decent at it. If you had an underlying skill, it will only work to improve and enhance it.

Gifts For Your Friends

Gifts that are hand-made have a higher impact on people. Unlike gifts that you can buy off the shelf or from a store, when you give someone something it hand made it holds a significant value.

You put your time and energy into the whole thing and it’s a sign of your dedication to the relationship and the time you are willing to invest into it. Giving hand made gifts to someone is also a great way to show your appreciation for someone, so give it a try.

Getting In Touch With Your Essense

Another off tangent reason why learning ceramics and pottery can help with home design and improvement is that you learn to get in touch with your essence and being.

You not learn more about yourself, but what you like and what makes you, you. You have a better understanding of learning ways to express your thoughts and yourself. Home improvement and interior design is in a sense self expression of who you are and what you want other people to feel, so get comfortable with being able to express yourself.

Before embarking on a big project, you can start small, test things out and take steps from there.