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Laibajan shop first established by ceramic artist Francis M.Cardinas in 2014. Since his young age, Cardinas was very fascinated in ceramic plates and bowl of his home. When he entered college, he incidentally heard one of the teachers’ lectures. The lecture was about following what you want and hear your inner voice. After massively motivated by the inspirational speech he decided to become a ceramic artist without hesitation.┬áIn the end, he reached his goal and now running his ceramic and porcelain shop.


Brighten Your Home With Standing Desk Chairs

Brighten Your Home With Standing Desk Chairs

For the past few months we've been working from home due to COVID, so one of the things we looked into was home office chairs. Compared with traditional chairs, standing desk chairs seemed to be a perfect fit for the menial office work we've been doing. See the best...

Ceramics for interior design

Ceramics for interior design

Decorating your home with ceramic plates is perfect for interior design. Not many people consider how a few plates of ceramics can light up a room. There are many different selections you can choose from and many different sizes. They don't necessarily have to be used...

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